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Tickets Brig–Iselle

The ticket for occasional travellers

As a car driver, you are best buying your ticket in the web shop. This way you will save time and money when checking in at the car transport service. Tickets for all other vehicle categories are available directly on location at the Brig loading station. No tickets are sold in Iselle. If you don’t have an online ticket, you can pay for your trip upon check-out in Brig.

The journey takes 20 minutes.

The online ticket is valid in both directions of travel, is transferable and is valid for 1 year. You must buy your outbound and return ticket separately.

Save with an online ticket

CHF 24.00 instead of 26.00

Prices for single trip


  • CHF 26.00 Car ≤ 3.5t / 9 seats
  • CHF 26.00 Motorhome ≤ 3,5t
  • CHF 45.00 Motorhome > 3,5t
  • CHF 26.00 Trailer / caravan 0,75–3,5t
  • CHF 15.00 Trailer / caravan ≤ 0,75t


Prices are per vehicle and for a one-way ticket, including passengers and VAT. For the determination of the vehicle category, the entry in the vehicle registration document is decisive.

Points of sale

One-way tickets for vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes and a maximum of 9 seats can be obtained at the following points of sale. For all other vehicle categories, tickets are available exclusively on location at the loading station in Brig. The loading station in Iselle is not serviced.

Payment options

Payment options in the web shop

  • Twint
  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover
  • Debit cards: PostFinance card
  • Reka-Card

Payment options at the Kandersteg and Goppenstein loading stations

  • Cash (euro notes are accepted, but no coins). Conversion is at the current daily exchange rate.
  • Twint
  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club
  • Debit cards: PostFinance card, EC card, Maestro, VISA Electron
  • Reka checks, Reka card, Reka Rail (no change is paid out)
  • BLS gift card

Help with online tickets

Here you will find answers to your questions relating to the online car transport service ticket.

Auto auf Autozug

Tickets for cars

Autoverlad Wohnwagen

Tickets for cars

Autoverlad Lötschberg Lastwagen auf Autozug

Tickets for large-capacity vehicles

Mit dem Motorrad auf den Autoverlad

Tickets for motorbikes and bicycles

Kandersteg–Goppenstein / Brig–Iselle / Kandersteg–Iselle
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Up to 40% discount on individual trips between Kandersteg and Goppenstein.

Simplon car transport service
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