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Leukerbad: mountain sports & thermal springs

Enjoy the variety of Leukerbad

For 500 years, Leukerbad has stood for hospitality, natural experiences and recuperation. Nestled in an imposing mountain landscape, the destination is an inviting place for discovery and relaxation: whether on a bike, in the snow, or when hiking and climbing. At the heart of the year-round Alpine destination is the restorative thermal water, which bubbles out of the mountain at 51°C.

Leukerbad is easy to reach both by car and using public transport. There are plenty of parking spaces available on site..

Thermal springs & spa

In sun, wind, rain or snow, the Leukerbad thermal springs with their natural thermal water represent a unique bathing experience in the midst of an imposing mountain world. It takes an incredible 40 years for the water inside the mountain to become enriched with valuable minerals, to heat up to the correct temperature of up to 51°C and to develop into Leukerbad thermal water. Only then does it attain its restorative qualities, bubble up naturally from the ground and flow into the Leukerbad baths. Experience this pleasure in one of our public thermal baths.

Some 3.9 million litres of thermal water at 51 degrees bubble out daily into the pools of the largest Swiss thermal springs. This makes it the richest accumulation of thermal water in the whole of Europe. The famous thermal baths were popular even back in Roman times, and the healing power of the warm water was renowned far beyond national borders.

Three public thermal baths make for inviting places to relax in Leukerbad. Private thermal baths can be found in various 3*, 4* and 5* hotels.

Leukerbad Therme thermal springs

Largest thermal baths in the Alps

The informal oasis indulges with a total of ten different thermal spring pools. They also offer a thermal children’s pool, slides, underwater massages, jacuzzis, a sauna facility, a Kneipp therapy path for the feet, a sports pool, and various massage and beauty offerings.

Opening times

Daily, 09.00–21.00

Leukerbad Therme


Walliser Alpentherme & Spa thermal springs

The Alpine thermal spring and feel-good paradise in Leukerbad

IIn the Walliser Alpentherme & Spa, an indoor and outdoor thermal pool, a Valais sauna area and a Roman-Irish spa are appealing places to enjoy a little relaxed spa culture.

Opening times

  • Thermal baths: daily, 09.00–20.00
  • Valais sauna area: daily, 10.00–20.00 (Tues 10.00–13.00 ladies only)
  • Roman-Irish spa: Fri–Sun, 10.00–19.00

Walliser Alpentherme & Spa


Therme 51°

The small wellness oasis

The Therme 51° Hotel, Physio & Spa offers thermal baths with pure thermal water at between 36° and 42° Celsius, various saunas and a Alpine herb steam bath. Outside you can enjoy a hot pot, whirlpool, Kneipp pool and a bare-foot path. Various massages and cosmetic treatments round off the pleasing offerings.

Opening times

Daily, 07.30–19.30 (reservation required)

Therme 51° Physio & Spa


Winter hiking

You can look forward to 40 kilometres of footpaths, freshly prepared each day. These range from the high plateau above the Gemmi with its breathtaking panorama to secluded routes through idyllic landscapes. Find the perfect winter hike and pull on your winter footwear or hiking boots.

Torrent panorama trail 3,7 km / 1h30

Gentle, sun-kissed winter hike

The best place to start your walk is at Rinderhütte on Torrent, from where it is around 3.5 kilometres down to the valley. The path runs beneath the chair lift and south along the Schafberg mountain. The view into the Rhone Valley is always phenomenal. With a bit of luck, you could see chamois or ptarmigans at the edge of the forest. After a few bends and forest clearings you will reach the picturesque Torrentalp and finally the middle station.

Hiking trail Rinderhütte–Bankjini–Torrentalp
Distance 3,7 km
Hiking time 1 hour 30 minutes 
Elevation difference -383 m
Degree of difficulty Easy 

  Hiking map


Gemmipass–Sunnbüel 9,1 km / 3h

Winter hiking on historic paths

The historic path from the Gemmipass to Sunnbüel is the only Alpine pass in Switzerland that is also passable on foot in winter.

Goods used to be transported over snow-covered passes even in winter using pack animals. Nowadays, they are usually closed at this time of year. However, for some years it has again been possible to cross the Gemmi from the summit of the pass to Sunnbüel, and it is well worth it.

Whether you start in Kandersteg and end your walk in Leukerbad at the thermal baths or whether you walk from Leukerbad to Kandersteg is completely up to you. Crossing the Gemmi takes 3-4 hours on average. The path consists of a broad track. A stop at the Berghotel Schwarenbach provides a good opportunity for a lunchtime rest.

Hiking trail Gemmipass–Schwarenbach–Sunnbuel (Kandersteg)
Distance 9,1 km
Hiking time 3 hours
Elevation difference +135 m / -540 m
Degree of difficulty  Medium 

Hiking map


Roman way 5,9 km / 1h40

The ideal winter hike for the entire family

The route is more or less level and can be managed without any great effort. The path starts behind the sports arena and takes you to the hamlet of Birchen in around 30 minutes. Here you have an early opportunity to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger. Visit St. Antonius-Kapelle (Saint Antonius’ Chapel) which is over 300 years old, and then continue in the direction of Bodmen. When you get there, you can treat yourself to culinary delicacies in the Bodmenstübli.

The return journey takes about another 50 minutes.

Hiking trail Leukerbad–Birchen–Bodmen
Distance 5,9 km
Hiking time 1 hour 40 minutes
Elevation difference 119 m
Degree of difficulty Easy

Hiking map


Skiing & ski touring

Pistes of powder snow and an enchantingly snowy mountain world: the two ski areas of Torrent and the Snowpark Sportarena in Leukerbad are an insider tip for skiers old and young. Those who prefer undisturbed powdery slopes will also get their money’s worth. Numerous classics, such as the Wildstrubel, the Balmhorn and the Rinderhorn, tower over Leukerbad. Put together an agenda consisting of your personal favourites, according to your level, and experience a multi-day ski tour programme at the Leukerbad ski resort.

Torrent ski region 50 km Skipisten

Skiing on Torrent

The Torrent ski region offers 50 kilometres of varied pistes high above the picturesque mountain villages of Albinen and Leukerbad. Skiiers and snowboarders of any level will have a really great time here. Spacious terraces are inviting places to linger and soak up the sun at your leisure.

Facilities open


Snowpark Sportarena

The ski paradise for children

The Snowpark Sportarena is the ideal place to learn how to ski: the three conveyor belts, as well as the carousel, drag lift and button lift make for easier access. An easy toboggan run that is not too steep rounds off the offering. It is ideal for families with young children, and snow cover is guaranteed.

The Snowpark is situated right next to the Sportarena Leukerbad and is easily reached on foot from the centre of the village. Artificial snow-making facilities guarantee you a snowy experience throughout the winter season.

Snowpark Sportarena


Flaschen-Torrentalp ski tour 1,6 km / 1h

Would you like to try out ski touring?

This ski tour route in the Torrent region is ideal for beginners and offers the perfect winter experience. The route starts at the valley station of the gondola in Flaschen / the Albinen ladders. Through the dense forest, the tour takes you up via the Eggen glade to the Torrentalp middle station.

Route Flaschen/Albinenleitern–Eggen–Mittelstation Torrentalp
Distance 1,6 km
Travel time 1 hours
Elevation difference +386 m /  -0 m
Degree of difficulty Easy

Route map



The tobogganing runs around Leukerbad offer fun for all requirements. On the Gemmipass you can enjoy a high Alpine plateau with a magnificent panoramic view of the Valais Alps. For families, the Snowpark in Leukerbad is the perfect sledging paradise. The pace is somewhat more leisurely in the remote winter idyll of sunny Albinen.

Tobogganing fun on the Gemmi 1,2 km / 10 min

The Gemmiwind toboggan run

The longer tobogganing route on the Gemmi starts at the Gemmi Lodge and leads down to the Daubensee lake in a wide arc. It makes for the perfect warm-up training. The route is less challenging and more even than the Gemmiblitz run. The small cable car takes you back to the start on the Gemmipass. Those who are more athletic can also walk back on foot to the starting point.

Route Leukerbad–Daubenhorn
Distance 1,2 km
Climbing time 10 minutes
Elevation difference 130 m
Degree of difficulty Easy 

Gemmiblitz run

The shorter but faster tobogganing run on the Gemmi starts right by the mountain station. It runs in a zigzag down to the Daubensee lake and ends with a bumpy final straight at the valley station.

Route Leukerbad–Daubenhorn
Distance 0,8 km
Climbing time 10 minutes
Elevation difference 130 m
Degree of difficulty Medium

Buljes Run Albinen 1,5 km / 1h 30

Stimulating tobogganing experience away from the hustle and bustle

Above the rustic village of Albinen you will find a sunny toboggan run nestled in a beautiful mountain landscape. The mountain village of Albinen can easily be reached by bus. Walk from the Albinen Schwelli bus stop (fire station) up the prepared road for around 1.5 kilometres to the Buljes clearing. The run back to the village starts here.

Route Leukerbad–Albinen
Distance 1,5 km
Climbing time 1 hour 30 minutes
Elevation difference -176 m
Degree of difficulty Medium



Leukerbad offers a multitude of events 365 days a year. Take part, join in the excitement or simply enjoy yourself.

International literature festival

At the end of June, enjoy readings from national and international authors at wide-ranging sites. Mountains, water and words: three features of the Leukerbad literature festival.

IInternational literature festival

Aqua Mystica

The Swiss Enduro Series (SES) is a professional mountain bike racing series in the disciplines of Enduro and E-Enduro for the whole of Switzerland.

Training sessions and races take place in the Enduro discipline each year in the Pfyn-Finges bike region. The 2025 World Championships will be held in Leukerbad. In the event hub at the valley station of the Wiler-Lötschental cable railway, you can follow the race live.

Swiss Enduro Series

Night skiing

Ski beneath the starry sky. Every Thursday in February at the Snowpark Sportarena. 

Night skiing

Full-moon fondue on Torrent

Enjoy a fondue evening in the Rinderhütte at full moon and live music from a Schwiizerörgeli accordion

Full-moon fondue on Torrent

Alpine Hornussen tournament in the snow

Local traditions, a wide snowy field and powerful men. All of these are guaranteed at the 6th Alpine Hornussen tournament on 18 February 2023 in Leukerbad.

Alpine Hornussen tournament in the snow


Discover additional events in the destination of Leukerbad: Event calendar

Calendar of events

How to get there

Saastal is easy to reach by car. From the north, the shortest route is via Kandersteg with the BLS Lötschberg car transport service directly to Valais.

Incidentally, at the tourist information centre desk in Saastal you can get discounted tickets for the Lötschberg car transport service.

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