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Aletsch Arena – largest glacier in the Alps

The most liberating experience in the Alps: the natural paradise of the Aletsch Glacier

Families, couples, solo travellers, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and those looking for peace and quiet will find just what they need to relax in the immediate vicinity of Brig and Goms. The Great Aletsch Glacier forms the heart of the “Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch” Unesco World Heritage Site.

High up on the sunny Valais plateau, the car-free destinations of Riederalp, Bettmeralp and Fiescheralp sit in solitary splendour. The idyllic villages of Mörel-Filet, Lax, Fiesch and Fieschertal lie below in the Rhone Valley. In between, halfway up the mountain, Ried-Mörel, Greich, Betten Dorf, and Martisberg are waiting to be discovered.

The Aletsch Arena holiday paradise is easy to reach both by car and public transport. Parking is available in the valley, and the cable car will take you up to the sun-kissed, car-free plateau in comfort.

The Great Aletsch Glacier

The Great Aletsch Glacier has something archaically beautiful about it. Its impact is extremely impressive. The ice giant stretches 20 km from its accumulation zone in the Jungfrau region (4,000 m) down to the Massaschlucht gorge situated around 2,500 m below. It is the longest ice flow in the Alps. It covers an area of 79 square kilometres, and its thickest ice is 800 metres deep.

Climate change is also having an impact on the giant river of ice in the Aletsch Arena. With an annual loss in length of up to 50 metres, global warming has assumed worrying proportions here too.

The best viewpoints

Viewpoints – where you can enjoy the best view

From the Hohfluh, Moosfluh, Bettmerhorn and Eggishorn viewpoints, the Great Aletsch Glacier is revealed in its full size and uniqueness. Each of the four viewpoints offers a breathtaking view from a different perspective.


The Eggishorn viewpoint lies at an altitude of 2,869 m above sea level and is the highest of the four viewpoints. From here you can see the entire 20 kilometres of the Great Aletsch Glacier as well as the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. From Fiescheralp, the cable railway takes you up the mountain in comfort. In the “Horli-Hitta” mountain refuge you can enjoy Valais specialities in a cosy atmosphere.

View Point Eggishron


From the Bettmerhorn mountain station, you can reach the fully accessible viewpoint after just 200 metres. From the viewpoint at an altitude of 2,647 metres, an unimpeded view of the immense straight section and the impressive large arc of the glacier opens up.

Visit the free interactive exhibition at the mountain station and find out a lot of interesting information about the imposing Great Aletsch Glacier in a fun way. In the self-service restaurant you can enjoy the panorama with a regional lunch or coffee and cake.

View Point Bettmerhorn


The Moosfluh viewpoint on Riederalp (2,333 metres above sea level) can be reached in both summer and winter with the Moosfluh combined cable car and chair lift. Take in the fantastic view while enjoying a small refreshment in the Bar-Buvette.

View Point Moosfluh


From the Hohfluh viewing platform at 2,227 metres above sea level you can enjoy a particularly good view of the meandering formation of the Great Aletsch Glacier. Reachable on foot via Riederfurka in 30 minutes or directly from Riederalp with the Hohfluh chair lift.

View Point Hohfluh

Winter hiking

Winter hiking highlights on the Aletsch Glacier

Enjoy a pleasant sense of peace and breathtaking nature on a winter hike. 72 kilometres of winter hiking paths extend through the glittering landscape of the Aletsch Arena. Thanks to the fresh mountain air, you really can breathe easy. By contrast, the magnificent panoramic view of the four-thousand-metre peaks of the Valais and of the Great Aletsch Glacier will take your breath away.

Moosfluh–Riederfurka winter hiking path (ridge trail)

Travel on the Moosfluh glacier railway from Riederalp Mitte up to the Moosfluh viewpoint, the starting point of this impressive panoramic winter hike.

With a view of the Great Aletsch Glacier and the wintery four-thousand-metre peaks of the Valais Alps, walk along the mountain ridge to Breitebode. From there, the winter hiking path follows the Härdernagrat ridge to the mountain station of the Hohfluh chair lift. The panoramic view of the unique natural landscape of the UNESCO world heritage site on the right and of the sunny plateau and the four-thousand-metre peaks of the Valais on the left will continue to accompany you on the next section of the path. This leads down to Riederfurka, passing by the imposing Villa Cassel. However, the villa is closed during the winter months. The final part of the path is a gentle descent to Riederalp.

Hiking trail Moosfluh–Hohfluh–Riederfurka–Riederalp
Distance 5,4 km
Hiking time 2 hour 30 minutes
Elevation difference +6 m / -428 m
Degree of difficulty medium

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Fiescheralp–Riederalp winter hiking path

This splendid winter hiking path crosses the entire sunny plateau of the Aletsch Arena. The starting point is the mountain station of the Fiesch–Fiescheralp cable car. The Herrenweg leads to the Bättmer-Hitta restaurant, past the slopes of Martisbergeralp and Laxeralp with their deep covering of snow. A short ascent follows in the direction of Wurzenbord, where a magnificent view awaits you. The winter hiking path now leads downhill past the Hotel Aletsch, the Maria zum Schnee chapel and typical Valais chalets to the mountain station of the Bettmeralp cable car. It then continues along the Aletsch Promenade in the direction of Riederalp West. On this section of the path, there is very little ascent to tackle. Numerous benches are inviting places to linger, enjoy yourself and recharge your batteries.

Hiking trail Eggishorn, Bergstation–Märjelensee–Fiescheralp
Distance 9.1 km
Hiking time 3 hours 15 minutes;
Elevation difference +63 m / -343 m
Degree of difficulty Medium

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Fiesch–Fieschertal winter hiking path

The winter hike starts at the old valley station of the Fiesch-Eggishorn cable car. From here, you follow the Bregeraweg path, which ascends slightly and takes you alongside the Wysswasser glacier stream to Fieschertal. The final section of the path passes through open countryside: via Hämischbode and the hamlet of Wichel, you will arrive in the village square of Fieschertal.
The route back to Fiesch is via the wheelchair-accessible path on the opposite bank of the Wysswasser. Fantastically iced-up sections of river, trees and bushes make a very special impression. Alternatively, you can travel back from Fieschertal to Fiesch on the sports or PostBus.

Hiking trail Belalp–Hängebrücke–Riederalp
Distance 5.5 km
Hiking time 1 hours 30 minutes
Elevation difference +60 m / -60 m
Degree of difficulty Easy 

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Guided glacier tours

Aletsch Glacier round ski tour with skis and expert guide

Every day from 5 January to 15 April 2024

Experience an impressive day-long ski tour on the largest glacier in the Alps. The day begins with a ride by gondola and chair lift to Fiescheralp, Talegga or Eggishorn (depending on weather conditions). After a short crossing to Tälligrat, the fantastic descent to the Aletsch Glacier begins, followed by a round tour on the glacier, crowned by the ascent to Moosfluh or Tälligrat. Once there, it’s back down to Fiescheralp again.

Book round tour

Aletsch Entdeckerpass

Ticket tip: free mobility in the Aletsch Arena

The Aletsch Entdeckerpass guarantees unlimited mobility within the Aletsch Arena – free travel on all facilities with adjacent hiking paths and to all excursion summits is included. The Brig–Mörel–Betten Talstation–Fiesch–Fürgangen train route is also included. The Aletsch Entdeckerpass is available as a 1-day ticket and a multi-day ticket (up to 21 days).

Prices 1-Day-Aletsch Discovery Pass

  • CHF 55.00 Adults
  • CHF 27.50 Half Fare Travelcard / Children 6–19.99 years
  • CHF 18.00 Adults with GA Travelcard

Aletsch railways operating hours Available on 07.12.2024

Winter 2023/2024


Summer 2024



How to get there

Travel to Mörel, Betten Talstation, Lax, Fiesch or Fieschertal by car. Using the BLS Lötschberg car transport service, the journey from Bern via Kandersteg is reduced by over 100 km, for instance. Large car parks and parking garages are available at the valley stations for the cable railways.

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