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Travel money

You can change the money you need for your trip at all BLS Travel Centres.

Foreign currencies

You can change the money you need for your trip at the BLS currency exchange offices, whose services you can also use to change back money you didn't spend. The exchange offices have most currencies on hand, usually in small banknote denominations as well. You can also order other foreign currencies from our currency exchange offices, which we will be very happy to organise for you.

Western Union Send cash abroad

The simple way to transfer money globally

If you need to quickly send or receive money around the world, you can rely on the service offered by Western Union Money Transfer.

Transfer to over 200 countries

The money you transfer will quickly be made available to the recipient at one of over 400,000 payment centres. To make the withdrawal, all the recipient needs is a valid official form of ID (passport, ID card, driver’s licence)

 What you need

  • Sending money: name of the recipient as it appears on their official form of ID
  • Receiving money: transaction number, the name of the sender and the amount sent
  • Valid official form of ID
  • Payments can be made in cash in Swiss francs, debit card, Mastercard and Visa


Please make sure you contact our Western Union office in your area to find out if any restrictions and stipulations apply regarding maximum amounts of money that may be sent, information that needs to be provided on the reasons for the transaction, etc.

Send & Save Service

An option is available for transferring money to selected countries: “Send & Save” offers not only the reliable top-class service that Western Union is famous for but also lower transfer fees from CHF 5.00 upwards.


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