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Together with various partners, BLS regularly trials mobility solutions for the first and final mile, as well as offerings and services directly at the train station. In this way, we aim to offer you an optimum travel experience and further enhance the time you spend at the BLS train station.

Here, you can get regular updates about current pilot projects.

E-scooter Scooter-Sharing

Since the start of 2021, e-scooters have also been available to rent in the city of Bern. This permit is valid temporarily until the end of 2023 and was issued for 300 vehicles from the two providers Voi and Tier. All that is needed to find, unlock and use the e-scooters is the corresponding app.

BLS is currently conducting a pilot project together with the e-scooter provider Voi scheduled to last until autumn 2022. As part of this, e-scooter parking stands have been erected at the BLS train stations of Bern Bümpliz Nord and Bern Weissenbühl. These make it possible to park the vehicles in an orderly manner and thus reduce the time you spend searching for an available e-scooter at the train station.

You can find detailed information at:

Rüedu Your farm shop at the station

Since 2020, the “Rüedu” farm shop concept has been bringing fresh and regional produce to certain districts of Bern city and its surrounding area. Using a self-service system, you can buy and enjoy fresh produce around the clock in a corner-shop atmosphere.

Since May 2022, BLS is piloting "Rüedus Hofladen" at BLS stations to test the demand of our customers for farm-store products. With this collaboration, we aim to make a contribution towards improving the quality of time spent at the train station and offering our customers an optimal and sustainable purchase experience on their journey.

The “Rüedu Hofläden” can be found at the following train stations:

  • Bern Bümpliz Nord train station
  • Bern Weissenbühl train station
  • Grosshöchstetten
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