Profitability and ethics

Sustainable resource management and ethical behaviour

In order to operate its core business efficiently, BLS utilises its resources in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. To this end, it strengthens cross-divisional collaboration and regularly raises awareness of sustainability issues.

Wirtschaftlichkeit und Ethik

Legal & Compliance

As a state-owned company, BLS is in the public eye. Legally compliant and ethical behaviour is crucial to the company: efficient and transparent financial management within BLS ensures that the available funds are utilised optimally. In Legal & Compliance, the Compliance Office and the Data Protection Office are responsible for respecting human rights and combating corruption. The Compliance Office is also home to the whistleblowing contact point, which is managed externally. This contact point is available to all BLS employees, suppliers, partners and customers. Every report is followed up.

Dialogue with interest groups

BLS is in regular contact with numerous interest groups. These include its employees and customers, cantons, the federal government and municipalities, as well as competitors and associations. BLS is interested in knowing and understanding the views and expectations of its stakeholders. These aspects are taken into account in an appropriate form when business decisions are made. This not only promotes acceptance of BLS decisions, but also leads to innovative solutions.

Would you like to find out more about BLS's financial performance and other key business figures? You can find our Annual and Financial Report for 2023 here:

MIKA auf dem Lorraineviadukt in Bern

Climate and environment

Modelleisenbahn - MUTZ

Mobility and infrastructure

Nachhaltige Beschaffung (markus spiske/unsplash)

Sustainable procurement

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BLS Instandhaltung


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