Sustainable procurement

Integration of environmental and social criteria in procurement processes

BLS establishes sustainable and transparent supply chains by incorporating environmental and social criteria into its procurement processes and supporting its suppliers in their sustainable development.

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Procurement policy

BLS is pursuing a new approach in its procurement policy and is increasingly integrating social and ecological criteria into invitations to tender. Since 2023, sustainability has been taken into account every time a product group is created or revised. Since 2024, every invitation to tender has been reviewed to determine which sustainability criteria can be included, and ultimately, specific social and environmental sustainability criteria are to be included in 50 per cent of invitations to tender from 2025. As early as 2023, for example, the CO2 emissions generated during transport were defined as an award criterion for contracts for the overhaul of brake components. Transport is an important driver of emissions in this procurement business.

BLS requires its suppliers to fulfil internationally recognised minimum standards, such as those listed in the United Nations Global Compact for Corporate Responsibility. This commitment is demanded in the form of contractual agreements and self-declarations. In future, BLS will optimise cooperation with its suppliers with regard to sustainability.

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