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This is how we’ll get to know each other

Find out here how we plan on getting to know each other.

From getting to know each other to shaking hands on Welcome Day. We wish you a pleasant journey and look forward to meeting you!

Getting to know each other

You have been told about the advantages at BLS and know how you can personally benefit from them. But maybe you are not totally convinced yet that we are the right fit. In this case, you should speak to someone who knows what makes BLS tick and what it’s really like to work at BLS. That’s what our ambassadors are for. Just arrange a chat.

Or follow us on our social media channels and take a look behind the scenes of the diverse BLS world. Because we are more than “just” a rail operator.


Do you have your eye on a job vacancy on our website? Your prospective boss is the right person to contact if you would like to go into the specific details. For questions about the application process and employment, contact the HR advisor. The “Apply now” button will really get your application going and will send it whizzing along to the right person. If everything is clear to you and you don’t have any burning questions, then get on and apply. A phone call for appearance’s sake, as is sometimes still recommended, is old hat and will get us both nowhere. We have plenty of time to ask each other the really important questions later.


The automatic confirmation of receipt gives you the assurance that your submission has worked. That is also the last time you’ll communicate with a computer. From now on, your file will be in the hands of real people. We promise.

Reviewing application documents

At BLS, pre-selection is not done by a machine. We do that ourselves because ultimately it’s about the future for both of us: the HR advisor will review your application together with your prospective manager. It’s great if you can also provide a meaningful CV and tell us what is particularly important to you in a new job. We compare our profiles and consider what BLS can offer you. We will let you know as quickly as possible. You’ll know after three weeks at the latest.

Getting to know you

At last, we get to know you in person. This is always an exciting moment, for us too. So show yourself as you are on the other 364 days as well. We will do that too. We don’t attach any importance to status symbols and we don’t do dress codes – except in jobs with direct customer contact or for reasons of work safety. The first time we meet, you’ll get (almost) everything you want, including all the important information about your desired job. The only thing we cannot offer is the reimbursement of your travel costs. That is your investment in getting to know us.

The second time we meet, we’ll talk in more detail. You’ll get to know other personnel, such as work colleagues, the next manager up and other key personnel. And you’ll find out what package you could expect to receive if we take you on and go home with a specific salary offer.

Depending on the position, there’ll be a trial day or you’ll prove your qualities at an assessment centre. Finally, we like to ask your current or a former boss what makes you stand out and what motivates you.

This process gives you plenty of opportunity to check whether you want to help steer BLS into the future and whether the job advertised is really your dream job.

We are agreed

We are now in the home stretch and are ready to put our money where our mouths are and offer you the job. Our word is our bond; we are happy to confirm with you the key points of our future collaboration by email and send you the employment contract by post.

If – for whatever reason – we find we don’t match, then we’ll inform each other in a constructive way about the reasons, so that both sides can benefit. Not by letter, but in a chat over the phone.

Preparations for entry

Your dossier now goes into the hands of Renate Krähenbühl and her team from the HR service centre. From this point on, they will be your contact for all the formalities related to your start at the company and will prepare everything for you behind the scenes. Your new boss will organise the first working day and put together an individual induction programme for you.


Here too, the anticipation of working together grows with each day that passes. We hope your induction goes well and look forward to seeing you again at the BLS Welcome Day. There you will also get to know many other “newcomers” from other areas.
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