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Ce 4/6 307 Dekretsmühle

The Ce 4/6 locomotive's name "Dekretsmühle" originates from the Bernese government's decree in 1918, which mandated the electrification of the branch lines operated by BLS and the acquisition of locomotives. This was a measure in response to the coal shortage during the First World War.

Today, the number 307 locomotive is no longer functional and is in the locomotive depot in Burgdorf.

  • Ce 4/6 307 Designation formerly: Ce 4/6 307 EZB (Erlenbach-Zweisimmen-Bahn)
  • 1 Quantity
  • 251 Number
  • 1920 Put into service

Rail vehicle details technical data

  • 1920 / 1957 Year of construction
  • 20.2 m Length
  • 120 t Weight
  • 4,415 kW Power output
  • 65 km/h Maximum speed

History historic rail vehicle

As a result of the coal shortage after the First World War, the Ce 4/6 301 – 317 were procured as light and inexpensive traction vehicles. As they were primarily intended for branch lines, their axle pressure was specified at a maximum of 12 tonnes.

The Ce 4/6 308 – 317 were converted to Ce 4/4 in the years 1954 to 1956.

The Ce 4/6 307 has been part of the fleet of historic vehicles of BLS Ltd. since 1999 and has been owned by the BLS Foundation since 2023. It is no longer functional and can be viewed in the historic depot of the BLS Foundation in Burgdorf as part of a guided tour.


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