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Thun Castle

At Thun Castle, you can experience culture and history up close. Explore and be amazed.

Set against the breath-taking backdrop of Thun Castle, the Castle Museum invites you on a journey through more than eight centuries of history. See the awe-inspiring donjon built by the Zähringian dukes in around 1200. Trace Thun’s development as a town while discovering the selected treasures of Thun’s Town Hall collection. Learn more about the 800-year history of the “stadtholders”, or stewards, of Thun Castle – from the Zähringer and Kyburg dynasties, through to the various “Schultheisse” (a medieval rank equivalent to that of mayor) of Thun, who were appointed in Bern. Experience the pomp and glory of the high-medieval Great Hall. Take in the unique carpentry of the roof truss, which dates from 1434, and enjoy the impressive views of the city, lake and Alpine panorama from the top of the towers. In addition, the “Neues Schloss” (“New Castle”) hosts an annual special exhibition.

Special exhibition

Schwerter – Degen – Säbel. 

Die Sammlung historischer Waffen, Uniformen und Jagdkultur der Stiftung Schloss Thun umfasst ein breites Spektrum an Objekten – von einfachen Schweizer Dolchen bis zu gewaltigen Geschützrohren. Eine Vielzahl der heute im Bestand des Schlossmuseums befindlichen Waffen eine besonders eng mit Thun verknüpfte Geschichte, andere spiegeln interessante Aspekte der Schweizer wie auch der militärischen Militärgeschichte wider. Die in der Sonderausstellung gezeigte Auswahl an Blankwaffen lädt dazu ein, mehr über die Welt der Ritter, Richter, wehrhaften Bürger von Thun, Schweizer Soldaten und Jagdkultur vom Mittelalter bis zum 1. Weltkrieg zu erfahren.

Nachts im Museum

Gespenster-Geschichten auf Schloss Thun

Wer kennt das Geheimnis des Sodbrunnens im Schlosshof? Wussten Sie, dass im Mittelalter im Rittersaal gekegelt wurde? Kennen Sie die Sage von der Weissen Frau? Nein? Dann ist es höchste Zeit, dass Junker Gerold Ihnen auf einem nächtlichen Rundgang durch das Schloss diese und andere gespenstische Geschichten erzählt. Die Sagen werden ergänzt durch historische Fakten, Erklärungen über den Bau und Betrieb des Schlosses durch acht Jahrhunderte.

Gemeinsam ziehen Sie, geführt durch eine Rundgangleiterin, durch das abgedunkelte Schloss. Im Laternenschein präsentieren sich die Innenräume des Thuner Wahrzeichens ganz anders als bei Tageslicht. Lassen Sie sich überraschen und rätseln Sie mit. Für Gruselmomente ist gesorgt. Der nächtliche Rundgang beginnt mit dem Eindunkeln beim Sodbrunnen und dauert 1,25 Stunden.

Öffentliche Rundgänge 

Samstag 6. November 2021
Samstag 4. Dezember 2021


21.00 Uhr


Gruppenrundgänge für Firmen und Organisationen bis max. 20 Personen auf Anfrage möglich.

Öffentliche Rundgänge

  • CHF 20.00 Erwachsene
  • CHF 15.00 Jugendliche (14-16 Jahre)


  • CHF 450.00 Pauschal (bis max. 20 Personen)


Preise in CHF, inkl. MwSt. / Preis- und Produktänderungen bleiben vorbehalten

Informationen und Reservation

Children & families

Become a knight

There are many ordeals to overcome before you are knighted. Just as in medieval times, your training takes place in three stages: first as a page, then a squire and finally a knight. And just as in the Middle Ages, you must undertake a knight’s quest to another castle. Possible destinations include Oberhofen Castle, Thun Castle and Spiez Castle. From May to October; for children aged 6 to 12; CHF 10.00 per knight’s pass.

Detective trail in the castle

There are clues hidden inside the castle. If the little detectives manage to follow these and solve all the puzzles, they can use the correct code to open the wooden chest inside the prison. The piece of evidence that awaits them inside can be exchanged for a small reward at the ticket desk.

Children’s birthday parties

Whether they want to be knights, princesses, dragon-slayers or treasure-hunters – at Thun Castle, children aged 7 to 12 can celebrate an unforgettable birthday.  With or without party buffet/barbecue, as desired. From CHF 200.00 all-inclusive. Max. 8 children plus 2 adult companions

Fairytale wedding in Thun Castle

The romantic castle grounds offer a stylish setting for your dream wedding. Towering over Thun, with views of the surrounding mountains, Thun Castle is a unique, picture-postcard idyll. The castle hill and the town of Thun have a shared history spanning more than eight centuries. An ideal place to make your eternal vows. Whether in the renovated rooms of the new castle or in lofty Thun Castle with its four towers and feudal knights’ hall, in the restaurant, in the banqueting rooms, lounges, castle courtyards or hotel: the unique atmosphere of this historical setting is palpable everywhere.

Enquiries, information, rates and advice

Opening times Today (Wednesday) open

Opening times, castle museum

1 April 2021 to 31 October 2021
Daily 10.00–17.00 hours

1 November 2021 to 31 January 2022
Sundays 13.00–16.00 hours

25 December 2021 to 9 January 2022
Daily 13.00–16.00 hours

1 February 2022 to 31 March 2022
Daily 13.00–16.00 hours

Subject to change without prior notice


Entry fees, museum castle

  • CHF 10.00 Adults
  • CHF 8.00 Concessions*
  • CHF 3.00 Children aged 6 to 15.99
  • CHF 8.00 Groups of 10 or more people**
  • CHF 5.00 Audio guide (D, E, F, I, Chin.)

Entry fees, special exhibition

  • CHF 5.00 Adults
  • CHF 3.00 Children aged 6 to 15.99

Lake Thun Castle Card

The Castle Card (Schlössercard) grants individuals / families discounted entry to four major cultural-heritage sites by Lake Thun and a refreshment break at the Restaurant Schloss Schadau.

The Castle Card is valid for one year from the date of issue. You therefore have plenty of time to explore the four museum castles and enjoy a good coffee, prosecco or syrup on the wonderful terrace offering panoramic views of the mountains.

  • CHF 35.00 Individuals
  • CHF 70.00 Families (2 adults, 2 children)


Included in the price:

  • Entry to the castle museums at Thun, Oberhofen, Hünegg and Spiez
  • 1 drink (coffee, prosecco, wine, syrup) per person at Schadau Castle

Available at the reception desk of each of the five Lake Thun castles: Spiez, Schadau, Thun, Hünegg and Oberhofen.

* Retirees, recipients of invalidity pension, trainees, students with ID, military personnel
** Per person

Free to children under the age of 5.99 as well as with the Raiffeisen members’ card, Swiss Museum Pass, Museums-Pass-Musées, Swiss Travel Pass and for members of the patrons’ association (“Förderverein”).

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration


From the train station and the Thun boat landing stage, the castle can be reached in approx. 15 minutes via the Old Town and the castle steps or the church steps by the town-hall square.

From the Parking City Ost Schlossberg car park, the lift takes you directly up the castle hill

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