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Betelberg Lenk Toboggan Paradise

Tobogganing fun guaranteed

As an alternative to skiing, as an activity in poor weather or simply as a family excursion, the three toboggan runs on Betelberg Hill are ideal. Away from the ski piste, the three-kilometre-long toboggan run on Lenk’s Betelberg Hill leads from Leiterli mountain station to Stoss middle station. The run is ideal for young and older children alike. Lightning-fast fun in the snow from the hilltop to the valley can be experienced on the approximately six-kilometre-long toboggan run from Leiterli to Pöschenried at 1,200 metres above sea level. Return transport is available from there to the Betelberg valley station. A separate piste at the Mauren ski lift exclusively for bob-sleighs, toboggans and fat bikes is a guarantee of fun, variety and action. 

  • Coronavirus notice Please take note of the protection plan and any restrictions set by the provider.

Toboggan runs

Leiterli-Stoss toboggan run

Open daily from 09.00 hours, the 3-km toboggan run is situated away from the ski piste and leads from the Leiterli mountain station down to the Stoss middle station. The toboggan run follows a similar path to that of the piste and the winter hiking trail. The three routes join just before the middle station. There is a slightly steeper section; otherwise the run is gentle.

This toboggan run is also suitable for small children. However, this doesn’t mean that big kids won’t enjoy it! We also recommend first tobogganing on the Leiterli – Stoss route and then tackling the Leiterli – Pöschenried section after a “warm-up”.

Leiterli-Pöschenried toboggan run

Shortly after Leiterli, the toboggan run runs off to the right and follows the same path as the scooter-bike route in summer. The trail winds its way down to Pöschenried. Once in Pöschenried, you have a choice: you can either walk along the road to the village or catch the toboggan bus.

The Leiterli-Pöschenried toboggan run is open daily from 11.00 hours between 19 December 2020 and 14 March 2021. The run is subject to closures, depending on the snow conditions. The toboggan bus does not operate when the toboggan run is closed.

Bus transport from Pöschenried back to the valley station of the Betelberg gondola lift: every 45 minutes from 11.45 hours. Last departure from Pöschenried, Hubelmatte at 17.00 hours.

Mauren fun course

The Mauren fun course provides enjoyment, variety and action for young and old alike. Fat bikes, toboggans and bob-sleighs can be hired on site (limited availability).

Toboggan hire

At Leiterli mountain station, you can hire traditional wooden toboggans as well as aerodynamic racing toboggans and ultra-fast airboards.


Operating times, Betelberg gondola lift

19 December 2020 to 5 april 2021
Daily from 08.30–16.30 hours.

12/13 December 2020
Weekend service dependent on snow and weather conditions

Subject to change without prior notice


Betelberg Toboggan Paradise

  • CHF 38.00 Toboggan day ticket, adults
  • CHF 24.00 Toboggan day ticket, children
  • CHF 35.00 Toboggan day ticket, adults/family*
  • CHF 22.00 Toboggan day ticket, children/families*
  • Single-journey fares

*Families receive a discount when simultaneously purchasing at least two toboggan day tickets (min. one child aged 6 to 15)

The return transport from Pöschenried to the valley station of the Betelberg gondola lift costs CHF 5.00 per adult, CHF 1.00 per child.

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration

Plan journey

From the ‘Lenk, Talstation Betelberg’ bus stop, you can ride in comfort on the Betelberg gondola lift up to the Leiterli mountain station.


Various Alpine inns along the way provide the opportunity for a detour to their sun terraces.

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