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Customer card for companies

Kandersteg – Goppenstein

The Customer card enables corporate customers to pay without cash at the car ticket vending booths. The annual discount is granted on the turnover generated per calendar year. The discount is settled and paid at the beginning of the following year.

Annual discount

  • 10% discount from CHF 1'000.00
  • 15% discount from CHF 2'500.00
  • 20% discount from CHF 5'000.00
  • 25% discount from CHF 10'000.00
  • 30% discount from CHF 20'000.00
  • 35% discount from CHF 40'000.00
  • 40% discount from CHF 70'000.00
  • 45% discount from CHF 100'000.00

General terms

  • The customer card can be purchased by companies.
  • The statement of journeys completed with the Car Transport service is issued on a monthly basis together with an invoice.
  • For each journey when the customer card is used, the vehicle category, the date and the time of the journey, the direction of travel and the fare are recorded at the car ticket vending booths. This data will be sent to you with the monthly invoice.
  • The loss of a customer card must be reported immediately. The card will be blocked straight away. We will issue you with a replacement card if required.
  • The customer cards are transferable within the company. It is strictly prohibited to transfer them to third parties.
  • The holder is liable for any loss and misuse of the customer card.


Please complete the order form, sign it and send it to::

Genfergasse 11
CH-3001 Bern

or fax it to: +41 58 327 28 10

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