Lötschberg car transport service

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Does your company use the Lötschberg car transport service regularly? Using the free customer card, you can transport your large-capacity vehicles easily with payment by invoice. You also benefit from an attractive volume discount. The more frequently you travel per year, the higher the annual discount.

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Customer card, the free discount card for companies

Annual discount based on spending

The annual discount depends on the amount spent in a calendar year. The calculation and payment of the discount takes place at the start of the following year.
  • from CHF 1000.00 10% discount
  • from CHF 2500.00 15% discount
  • from CHF 5000.00 20% discount
  • from CHF 10'000.00 25% discount
  • from CHF 20'000.00 30% discount
  • from CHF 40'000.00 35% discount
  • from CHF 70'000.00 40% discount
  • from CHF 100'000.00 45% discount

General terms and conditions

  • The customer card is on offer to companies with large-capacity vehicles.
  • Billing for the trips realised with the car transport service takes place monthly via invoice.
  • Upon presentation of the customer card at the desk, the vehicle category, date and time of loading, direction of travel and price of travel are recorded.
  • You will be sent this data with your monthly bill.
  • The loss of a customer card must be reported immediately. The card will be blocked immediately. We will issue you with a replacement card if required.
  • Customer cards can be transferred within a company. Passing them on to third parties is forbidden.
  • The customer is liable if the customer card is lost or misused.


Please fill in and sign the order form and send it to:

Genfergasse 11
CH-3001 Bern

or by e-mail to autoverlad@bls.ch

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Lötschberg car transport service

Hourly connections for large-capacity vehicles between Kandersteg and Goppenstein.

Lötschberg car transport service

for minibuses with up to 22 seats, motorhomes over 5t and lorries over 3.5t

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