Lötschberg car transport service

Timetable for large-capacity vehicles


Minibuses with up to 22 seats, mobile homes from 5 t and lorries from 3.5 t require larger transport carriers and so are not allowed on every connection.

Large-capacity vehicles must be ready for loading 15 minutes before departure.


First connection 05.24
06.00–22.00, hourly XX.33
Last connection until 07.01. 22.33
Last connection from 08.01.  Mon–Thu 22.36
Fri/Sat 22.33
Sun 22.51

Dep. Goppenstein

First connection 06.03
06.00–22.00, hourly XX.03
Last connection until 07.01. 23.03
Last connection from 08.01.  Mon–Thu 23.06
Fri/Sat 23.03
Sun 23.21
BLS Autoverlad

Timetable for cars / motorbikes & bicycles

Kandersteg–Goppenstein / Brig–Iselle / Kandersteg–Iselle
Lötschberg car transport service

for minibuses with up to 22 seats, motorhomes over 5t and lorries over 3.5t

Lötschberg car transport service
Transport information

What you should be aware of when transporting your large-capacity vehicle.

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