Busland AG

18 lines with more than 600 stops in the Emmental and Oberaargau regions

Busland AG is a licensed transport company that offers regional and local public transport services in the Emmental and Oberaargau regions.

Good connections between buses and trains are planned and provided from a single source – BLS and its Busland subsidiary. Four depots in Burgdorf, Langnau, Sumiswald and Huttwil manage 18 lines that serve more than 600 stops.

The 37 modern buses operated by Busland AG display BLS design attributes and ideally supplement train services to create a perfectly aligned mobility chain. In addition to serving its normal routes, Busland AG operates shuttle buses for BLS during temporary rail-line closures and also provides Moonliner night-time bus services. Depending on available capacity, Busland AG also offers additional services both within and outside its route network.

During the summer months, BLS hiking buses also provide services to tourist destinations in Emmental.

With its Ilfis Garage in Langnau, Busland AG also operates a state-of-the-art service centre for commercial vehicles with an inspection lane, a fuel station and a car wash for lorries.

Busland AG, which is headquartered in Burgdorf, was established in 2006 and currently employs approximately 120 people.

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