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Modernisation of Huttwil Railway Station

BLS is setting trends. Between 2014 and 2016, BLS has comprehensively modernised the railway station in Huttwil, and thus contributed to a facelift for the entire station area. The old station building was replaced with a modern construction, and the tracks are now easier to reach thanks to new, well-lit underpasses and platforms.

Because the tracks and overhead lines were at the end of their service life, BLS has now modernised the entire Huttwil Railway Station. This was necessary because the tracks were still fitted with old-fashioned points that had to be manually operated on site. It was also impossible for people with limited mobility to access the trains.

Today Huttwil Railway Station features an elegant, light new building, large platforms and well-lit underpasses. Cutting-edge technology makes it possible to control the points and signals remotely – today this is still done from Hasle-Rüegsau, but in future will be carried out in Spiez.

Key data

  • Construction start: 2014
  • Commissioning: 2016
  • Costs: the total costs for the comprehensive modernisation of Huttwil Railway Station amount to CHF 50 million.

What will the project achieve?

  • The new railway station offers greater convenience and safety. We are thereby making public transport more appealing and customer-friendly.
  • The track and overhead line systems in Huttwil were not only fundamentally modernised, but also simplified. This means lower maintenance costs.
  • The points and signal systems are now controlled remotely and no longer need to be manually operated. This means more efficient railway operations.
  • Huttwil Railway Station now meets the requirements of the Swiss Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), which enshrines in law the discrimination-free access to public transport. Railway operators must adapt their railway infrastructure and trains by the end of 2023.
  • With the new adjacent bus stop, changing over to the bus has become more convenient.
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