Completed construction projects

Eifeld station is being modernised

More user-friendliness, safety and capacity – passengers will soon enjoy barrier-free boarding and exiting at Eifeld in the community of Wimmis. As part of the construction of a new railway crossing in Eifeld, the station is also being modernised.

In order for BLS to be able to continue guaranteeing connections to long-distance rail services in Spiez, trains must be able to cross faster. This is why a 700-metre-long crossing is being constructed in Eifeld. This makes it possible for two trains to enter and cross at Eifeld simultaneously and at high speed. 

The crossing is also important in the context of the “GoldenPass Express” project, which from the end of 2020 will make it possible to travel between Montreux and Interlaken without having to change. 

As part of the construction work, BLS is also modernising the outdated station at Eifeld and adapting it in line with the Swiss Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). A taller platform with a rampway is being constructed to provide level access to the trains. At 150 metres, the platform will also be longer than it is currently, and fitted with a roofed waiting area, an information wall with departure display or a station clock.

Various construction projects in Simmental and Aaretal are affecting the timetable: due to the construction work, trains must travel slower. To nevertheless ensure the connections in Spiez and Zweisimmen, trains will only stop in Eifeld every two hours on the 2018 timetable. Once the Eifeld crossing has become operational, the trains will once more stop in Eifeld every hour.

Key data

  • Public consultation: 2016
  • Construction start: July 2017
  • Planned commissioning: end of 2018
  • Costs: the total costs amount to around 11 million francs.

What will the project achieve?

  • The train station will meet the requirements of the Swiss Disability Discrimination Act and thus be in keeping with a needs-orientated railway infrastructure.
  • The railway crossing will be fitted with barriers, and thus be made safer.
  • Connections in Spiez and Zweisimmen will also be guaranteed in future.
  • The longer platform means that longer trains can also stop in Eifeld.
  • The crossing at Eifeld contributes to more stable operations along the Spiez-Zweisimmen section and improves the connections to long-distance rail services.
Completed construction projects
Bauprojekt Zweisimmen Perron
Modernisation of Zweisimmen Railway Station

A world first in the Oberland: people travelling from Montreux to Interlaken will soon no longer have to change trains in Zweisimmen but can instead remain comfortably seated in their carriages. BLS is making this possible by installing an innovative piece of equipment for the GoldenPass Express at the Zweisimmen Railway Station that will allow GoldenPass Express trains to switch from a narrow gauge to a standard gauge track.

Passenger information
Accessible travel

It is important to BLS that everyone can use public transport independently and spontaneously. In particular, this includes people with disabilities being able to board and alight from trains independently and access all information at the train station and when on board trains.

Construction projects
Construction noise and other disruptions

Where there’s construction work, there’s noise

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