Medienmitteilung 14.06.2017

Approval of the competition authorities to the acquisition of 45 percent shareholdings of BLS Cargo by SNCF Logistics

The competition authorities of Switzerland and Germany both approved the SNCF Logistics’ acquisition of 45 percent of the shares of BLS Cargo. The new partnership between the two rail freight companies starts officially beginning of July.

The acquisition of an equity interest by SNCF Logistics in BLS Cargo has been communicated in February 2017 and was under the conditional approval of the competition authorities in Switzerland and Germany. Both authorities now approved the acquisition of 45 percent of shares of BLS Cargo by SNCF Logistics. The shareholding of BLS Cargo consists as from July of 52 percent BLS AG, 45 percent SNCF Logistics and 3 percent Ambrogio Group (IMT).

The cooperation between SNCF, its Captrain subsidiaries and BLS Cargo will strengthen the successful business model of the parties on the North/South freight transport corridor. The partners will intensify the collaboration in cross-border transport, mutually benefit from the partnership, and present international and consistent services on the market.


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