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Customs information

Duty-free goods

When returning from abroad or when travelling to Switzerland you may import the following goods duty-free:

Personal possessions

These include personal possessions which

  • persons resident in Switzerland have taken with them on their outward journey
  • persons resident abroad use during their stay in Switzerland and take out again

These include clothing, laundry, toiletries, sports equipment, photographic, film and video cameras, mobile telephones, portable computer equipment and musical instruments.

Provisions for the journey

Ready-to-eat food and alcohol-free drinks for the day's journey.


Fuel in the tanks of private vehicles is duty-free. Additional fuel (e.g. in reserve tanks) is also duty-free up to a maximum of 25 litres. The duty-free quantities apply only once per vehicle and per day. More information


Other goods

Import of goods for travellers' private use or intended as gifts. Applies per person and per day.

  • Allowance up to CHF 300.00

Duty-free quantities

  • 1 kg meat and meat products, excluding game
  • 1 kg/L butter, cream
  • 5 kg/L edible oils, fats, margarine
  • 5 L  alcoholic drinks up to 18% vol.
  • 1 L alcoholic drinks over 18% vol.
  • 250 units/grammes cigarettes/cigars/other tobacco products

Please note

  • Minimum age 17
  • The import of animal products from other than EU states or Norway is prohibited
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