We're pensioning off the LiberoTickets app

Change now to BLS Mobil –multi-trip tickets inclusive!

The LiberoTickets app is about to enter into well-earned retirement. But don't worry: with BLS Mobil you have the perfect alternative. Because with the BLS Mobil app, you can buy Libero multi-trip tickets and validate them using the app. And individual tickets are also even easier to buy: with just one swipe, thanks to the Check-in/Check-out function.

How does this change affect me?

The LiberoTickets app is gradually going into retirement 

Its individual functions are being switched off a step at a time. You still have enough time to use journeys you have already bought with the old app and then keep travelling with BLS Mobil. Already purchased tickets are not automatically transferred to BLS Mobil. You will no longer be able to use the LiberoTickets app from the end of January 2020.

Change over to the BLS Mobil app now

Thanks to new functions and ongoing further development, the BLS Mobil app offers all the options of the LiberoTickets app and more besides. 

Libero multi-trip ticket 

You can now also buy and validate your Libero multi-trip tickets with the BLS Mobil app. Libero multi-trip tickets that have not been used by the end of January 2020 can be refunded.

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    Check-in/Check-out with BLS Mobil

    BLS Mobil provides you with the easiest ticket to use in Switzerland. Before departure, simply swipe to the right and you will receive a valid ticket straight away. Once you have finished your journey, just swipe it again, but to the left this time. Dead easy. At the end of the day, you will receive a detailed account showing all the journeys you have made.

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      Further benefits of the BLS Mobil app 

      By changing over to the BLS Mobil app you will receive access to a range of services all over Switzerland and further functions making your journeys easier:

      • Switzerland-wide timetable 
      • Link SwissPass with the BLS Mobil app and be able to show it for inspection on your smartphone 
      • Individual tickets and one-day travel passes for the whole of Switzerland 
      • Supersaver tickets and Saver Day Passes

      BLS Mobil timetable by 31.01.2020 at Latest

      • Switch to the BLS Mobil app right away Check in and start your journey now
      • from 31.10.2019 Multi-trip tickets no longer available
      • from 30.11.2019 Individual tickets no longer available
      • from 31.01.2020 Validation of multi-trip tickets no longer possible

      Contact and GTC

      If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvement concerning the app, please send a message to:
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