LiberoTickets app – Buy a ticket with just two clicks

Single tickets, day passes and multiple-journey tickets on your mobile phone – quick, easy and secure. With the LiberoTickets app, your smartphone instantly becomes a ticket machine.

No time to buy a ticket? No automatic ticket machine nearby? No spare change in your pocket? Unable to find a ticket validation machine? The “LiberoTickets” app facilitates access to a Libero ticket.

Now you can buy your Libero tickets with just two clicks on your smartphone.

Appsolutely everywhere: tickets for you and your friends

  • Super-speedy access to your favourite tickets: with LiberoTickets, you can save information relating to concession, choice of travel class, your favourite short-distance journey and preferred destinations in a matter of seconds.
  • Travelling with friends and family: with just a few clicks, you can buy tickets for yourself and up to seven travelling companions at the correct rate (adult or concession).

Appsolutely economical with the multiple-journey ticket

  • 6 journeys on one ticket: the practical multiple-journey ticket with six journeys on your mobile telephone.
  • Make your cash go further: buy your single tickets as a multiple-journey ticket to save money.
  • Tickets always with you: your multiple-journey ticket is available any time and anywhere.
  • Ticket validation machine within easy reach: don’t lose time looking for a ticket validation machine – one click is all it takes.
  • Transfer multiple-journey tickets: transfer your multiple-journey tickets quickly, easily and securely to other mobile phones.

Appsolutely clever way of travelling on public transport

  • Identify point of departure: with the Locate Me function, you can determine your current point of departure and the departure stop.
  • Find short journeys: possible short journeys from the departure stop are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Save season ticket zones: you can save Libero season ticket zones quickly and easily. When purchasing a zone upgrade via destination search, the additional zones are additionally charged automatically.

Appsolutely quick and secure payment

  • You choose your preferred payment method: you specify your preferred payment method once for quick and easy future payments.
  • Secure purchase: you can opt for password-protected confirmation of the ticket purchase.
  • Receipt by email: have the purchase receipt sent to you. You can use it to obtain a refund if you lose the multiple-journey ticket or have it transferred to a new device. To that end, store your email address under “Settings” > “Payment methods”.

Download LiberoTickets to your smartphone for free:

Contact and GTC

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvement concerning the app, please send a message to:

FAQs for LiberoTickets

Which tickets can I buy with the “LiberoTickets” app?

The app enables you to purchase the following tickets from the LIBERO product range:

  • LIBERO short-distance tickets (1 single journey)
  • LIBERO zone 300 tickets at local rate (1 single journey)
  • LIBERO single tickets (valid within selected zones or all zones)
  • LIBERO day passes (valid for 1 day)
  • LIBERO zone upgrade tickets 1–2 to 10 zones
  • LIBERO multiple-journey tickets, short-distance (6 single journeys)
  • LIBERO multiple-journey tickets, zone 300 tickets at local rate (6 single journeys)
  • LIBERO multiple-journey tickets, zones 1–2 to 11 or all zones

Which payment methods can be used with “LiberoTickets”?

TWINT, Credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, Amex) and PostFinance Card

Do I have to register in order to use LiberoTickets?

No registration is required. Before purchasing your first ticket, you have to enter your payment details once. You can save several different payment methods at once. With the “Confirm payment method” option, you can choose your preferred payment method from your list of saved payment methods before making a purchase.

Can I request a receipt to be issued?

Yes. Under the tab “Settings” –> “Payment methods”, you can save an e-mail address for the issuing of receipts. The receipt will then be sent in PDF format to the registered e-mail address. In order to receive a refund for multiple-journey tickets, you must always submit the receipt.

Does my mobile telephone have to be connected to the Internet to purchase tickets with the app?

Yes, your mobile telephone must have an active Internet connection to register the payment method, make the purchase and validate the ticket. As soon as the ticket has been sent to your mobile telephone, the Internet connection is no longer required (with the exception of multiple-journey tickets).

Can I save the zones in my Libero season ticket to make it easier to buy tickets?

Yes. The zones of the purchased Libero season ticket can be saved. Any additional zones are then charged automatically when purchasing a zone upgrade via destination search.

Can I buy several tickets at once?

Yes, you can acquire up to 8 tickets at once per purchase.

Can I also buy tickets for my bike?

Yes. The full Libero second class tariff must be paid for bikes. Owners of the Libero season ticket, Half-Fare travelcard or GA travelcard, as well as children under the age of 16, pay the reduced fare.

Can I also buy tickets for my dog?

Yes. The reduced second class tariff must be paid for dogs. Small dogs with a shoulder height of up to 30 cm, cats and similar tame pets can be transported for free as hand luggage in baskets, bags and other suitable carriers.

Can I transfer my tickets to another device?

Customers are not permitted to give their mobile phone to other people to travel with using the tickets. Tickets may not be transferred or forwarded to other mobile phones. The only exemptions are unused or partially used multiple-journey tickets. These are transferable, and can be transferred to another mobile telephone for further use.

  • Transfer with iOS: in the menu, go to “More” –> “Send” and “Receive”
  • Transfer with Android: in the menu, go to “Send” and “Receive”

Can purchased tickets be refunded?

It is not possible to subsequently change or exchange tickets. No refunds will be issued. The only exemptions are unused, partially used or expired multiple-journey tickets, which can be refunded in accordance with the Libero Tariff Regulations T651.10. The refund can be exclusively claimed at BLS Travel Centres. The receipt for the multiple-journey ticket must be submitted in order to receive the refund.

How do I transfer multiple-journey tickets to my new mobile phone?

If you have purchased a new mobile phone, you can transfer/forward the multiple-journey tickets from the old device to the new one. The multiple-journey tickets must be transferred from the old mobile phone (like forwarding an e-mail) via the “Send” function, and then forwarded to the new mobile phone via the “Receive” function.

If this does not work due to technical reasons, the multiple-journey tickets can also be refunded at a BLS Travel Centre by submitting the receipt.

Does the app also support other languages?

Yes, the “LiberoTickets” app is available in German and French. You do not have to set the language yourself, as the app will adopt your phone’s language settings.

Can I register a payment method in advance of making my first ticket purchase?

Yes, you can register a payment method as soon as the app is installed on your mobile phone.

What happens if the Internet connection is disrupted during the purchase process?

If the purchase process had already been completed in the background but the ticket had not yet been delivered, then the app will try and issue the ticket during the next 9 days – starting from the moment that the mobile phone is reconnected to the Internet. If the purchase had not yet been completed, no ticket will be issued. The payment method will not be debited.

Can the app be used to search for towns and stops?

Yes, the popular “Search for destination” function as found on the ticket machines within the LIBERO fare network has been integrated into the app.

Can I protect the payment and validation process with a password?

Yes, under “Settings” you can – if desired – protect the ticket purchase and validation with a personal password.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, the payment method will be reset for security reasons. Then you will have to re-register the payment method when you make your next purchase.

Are my credit card (payment) details secure on my mobile phone?

For security reasons, the payment-method details are not stored on your mobile phone. Payment information is held with the payment service provider (Datatrans Ltd).

I have lost my mobile phone, what should I do?

If you have lost your mobile phone, you should take the following steps:

  1. Contact your network provider to block your number.
  2. Contact the card issuer to pre-emptively cancel your payment method (credit card, PostFinance Card). Although your payment details are not visible to third parties, they can still make purchases with the app. We therefore recommend pre-emptively cancelling your payment method.
  3. Transfer or refunding of unused or partially-used multiple-journey tickets to the new mobile phone (using your receipt).

I am using a new credit card. How can I change the payment method?

Under “Settings”, you can delete the current payment method. You can register the new payment method at any time or immediately before your next purchase.
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