1-day travel card for schools for CHF 15.00

School classes travel particularly cheaply through Switzerland

Enjoy a wonderful outing and keep to your budget at the same time: With the 1-day travel card for schools, you as a teacher can travel through Switzerland with children and young people up to the age of 25 for a whole day for just CHF 15.00 per person.

Look forward to adventurous day trips for groups of ten or more.

Who is eligible for a 1-day travel card for schools?

The 1-day travel card for schools is available to groups of 10 or more for joint trips as part of school events or "Youth + Sport" events.

The offer applies for the following persons up to the age of 25 years

  • Children from 6 years of age from public or private kindergartens,
  • Pupils of public and private schools, secondary schools and grammar schools,
  • Students of colleges and universities,
  • Children and young people from homes for the disabled, orphanages and reform schools,
  • Participants in camps and official events ("Youth + Sport" events, training camps, music camps, etc.). Please note that the 1-day travel card for schools is not valid for private trips (city breaks, skiing trips, etc.).

Teachers and accompanying persons also travel for CHF 15.00

  • For every 8 young people (6-24.99 years), a maximum of 2 accompanying adults over 25 years of age can benefit from the school day ticket. It does not matter whether they have a Half-Fare travelcard or not; there is no additional reduction.

Where can I buy it?

The 1-day travel card for schools is available exclusively from your BLS Travel Centre or at any staffed public transport points of sale.

It is only valid in conjunction with a free group registration. Please note that you must register your group at least two days before the planned journey.


Individual travel to and from the meeting place is not included.

Cancellation and refund according to T600 fare conditions (cancellation: CHF 30.00 deductible, change in the number of participants: CHF 10.00 deductible).

Calculate the number of participants

The group must consist of at least 10 persons.

  • Persons with a GA, Point-to-point, Modular or Regional travelcard may be counted towards the minimum number of participants, provided that the geographical area of validity covered by the travel cards fully covers the route of the group journey.
  • Children with a Junior travelcard or Children's co-travelcard, passengers with a 1-day travelcard (also Municipal 1-day travelcard, Saver 1-day travelcard), Leisure travelcard, Night GA travelcard and persons with an ID card for passengers with a disability are not included.

Area of validity

  • The 1-day travel card for schools is valid on the entire GA network in 2nd class.
  • It can be used without restriction from Monday to Sunday.
  • For trips outside the GA area of validity, zone upgrades at the group rate must be purchased.
  • Class upgrades are not possible.
  • If you are travelling with your group on a shorter route (ticket price of less than CHF 15.00), the normal group offer for young people applies.
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