Historic vehicles

Locomotive Ce 4/4 312

The Ce 4/4 were rebuilt from the Ce 4/6. For many years, they provided light passenger and goods train services for BLS and its co-operating railways.

Today, the locomotive with the number 312 is no longer roadworthy and is in the depot in Burgdorf.

  • Ce 4/4 312 Designation formerly: Ce 4/4 312 GBS
  • 1 Quantity
  • 312 Number
  • 1957 Put into service

Rail vehicle details technical data

  • 1920 / 1957 Year of construction
  • 20.2 m Length
  • 120 t Weight
  • 4,415 kW Power output
  • 65 km/h Maximum speed

History historic rail vehicle

As the secondary lines permitted higher axle loads thanks to the renewed and reinforced track superstructure, the Ce 4/6 308 - 317 were converted into Ce 4/4 in the years 1954 - 1956. The front ends and running axles were removed. This made it possible to increase the adhesive weight and tractive power despite the lower total weight.

The Ce 4/4 312 has been part of BLS AG's fleet of historic vehicles with a newly sprayed body since 2013 and has been owned by the BLS Foundation since 2023. It is not operational and can be viewed as a museum piece in the BLS Foundation's historical depot in Burgdorf as part of a guided tour.

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