The simply-get-on-change-get-off-and-pay-later app!

With the “lezzgo” app, buying a ticket before getting on the train, bus or tram becomes a thing of the past. With the “simply-get-on-change-get-off-and-pay-later app” for iOS and Android, you can travel throughout all of Switzerland without worrying about fares or tickets.

The ticket app works on the basis of the “check in, check out” principle, so that you simply board your selected mode of transport, activate the GPS location recording, and log out again at your destination. At the end of the day, “lezzgo” calculates the journeys made while optimising the price so that you pay no more than the cost of a day ticket.

A smartphone and valid means of payment are all you need for your next journey. In this way, “lezzgo” becomes a personal ticket machine for passengers without a GA travelcard.

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