The simply-get-on-change-get-off-and-pay-later app!

  • Just get on board Just one click and you've got a valid ticket in your pocket - get travelling!
  • Always the best ticket Now you no longer have to be familiar with all the different fares: you can travel wherever you want and change whenever you want within the whole country
  • Automatic billing At the end of the day, lezzgo calculates your travels and charges you the optimized price
  • Travel throughout Switzerland Whether you’re travelling by train, bus, tram or boat, lezzgo allows you to travel within the GA zone throughout Switzerland

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lezzgo, the check-in/check-out system developed by BLS, has been defining automatic ticketing (AT) in Switzerland since 2016. Thanks to lezzgo, accessing public transport has become much easier. Now another successful step is to be taken: BLS and FAIRTIQ, the two technology leaders, are combining forces. In future, FAIRTIQ’s AT functionality will be used in the back-end systems. For this reason, the lezzgo app will be discontinued from summer 2021.

Until then, you can continue to use the app as usual for hassle-free travel on public transport.

What is lezzgo?

Whether you’re travelling by train, bus, tram or boat, lezzgo allows you to travel within the GA zone throughout Switzerland.

The ticket app works according to the “check-in, check-out” principle. Your journey is recorded by activating the GPS function on your smartphone and checking into the app. From the time of checking in to the point of checking out, customers are in possession of a valid travel permit for the GA zone. As soon as you reach your destination, simply swipe left to check out. At the end of the day, the cheapest price for each of your journeys is calculated and charged to your payment method the following day. In this way, “lezzgo” becomes a personal ticket machine for passengers without a GA travelcard.


The “lezzgo” app has been awarded “Best Travel Technology”

Boarding a train without buying a ticket beforehand? What was regarded as a crime against public transport three years ago is now a piece of award-winning technology: “lezzgo” has been awarded the title of “Best Travel Technology 2018” by the Travel Industry Club. “lezzgo” came out on top against 18 competing products. The jury stated that the app cleverly combined mobility and digitalisation, and demonstrated the future possibilities for the travel industry.

How it works

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    The following tickets are included in lezzgo :

    • Single tickets
    • 1-day travelpass for the Half-Fare travelcard
    • Verbundeinzeltickets
    • Regional one-day travelcards and 9 o'clock day passes
    • Connecting tickets
    • Route-specific class upgrades
    • Night-time surcharge tickets (currently only available on Android)

    The following are not included:

    • Supersaver tickets
    • Multi-trip ticket
    • City-tickets 
    • Fares for specific companies (e.g. Gurtenbahn, Polybahn, etc.)
    • Long distance coaches

    SwissPass and regional travelcards

    You can now save your SwissPass in the app, so that your regional travelcard is automatically recognised. Find out more.

    Do you have a season ticket? Under "Frequently asked questions" you can find out which season tickets can be registered in the lezzgo app.

    Our partners

    lezzgo provides the quickest and simplest form of access to public transport in Switzerland. Thanks to software development kits, lezzgo’s functionality can be integrated into existing apps. Several partners are already successfully utilising the lezzgo technology in their apps.

    • ZVV
    • Bernmobil
    • Baselland Transport
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      FAQ Frequently asked questions

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