All of Switzerland on a single ticket.

Alongside GA and Half-Fare travelcards, you can now also get Libero, Passepartout, Frimobil, point-to-point and modular travelcards/travelpasses for the SwissPass. In addition, the SwissPass also gives you access to numerous partner services for your leisure activities, such as Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike, SwitzerlandMobility, ski passes, Hotelcard and many more.

Purchase your season ticket online on your SwissPass

Buy and renew your season ticket* on your SwissPass conveniently online from 10 December 2017.

*Range of tickets: regional travelcards (Libero, Passepartout, Frimobil), point-to-point travelcards and modular travelcards. You can buy your GA travelcard and Half-Fare travelcard at your BLS Travel Centre.

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    Public transport season tickets for the SwissPass

    The range just keeps on growing. The following season tickets are currently available for the SwissPass:

    Partner services

    The SwissPass is more than just a card for storing your public-transport season ticket. It offers you access to numerous partner services. Use it to unlock your Mobility car, activate the turnstile in ski resorts, and benefit from numerous special offers.

    • Mobility Carsharing
    • PubliBike
    • SwitzerlandMobility
    • Ski passes for various ski resorts
    • Battere subscription for borrowing mobile phone batteries
    • Hotelcard
    • Europcar
    • etc.

    How the SwissPass works

    Your SwissPass is a plastic card – just like your previous season tickets. However, the difference is the SwissPass is fitted with two electronic RFID chips. Your customer number is saved onto these chips, which serves as verification of your name and the type and validity of your season ticket.

    Control and data management

    SwissPass inspection

    • The inspection staff check your season ticket using an electronic reader. You will need to hand over your SwissPass for this.
    • The staff check your photo and name as well as the type and validity of your season ticket.

    Manage your details conveniently and easily

    • Online at
      You can access your details and manage them online at any time using your customer account on
    • By telephone or in your Travel Centre
      You can request all the information about your booked services by phone or in person at our BLS Travel Centres. You also have the option to cancel your GA or Half-Fare travelcard in this way.

    Data protection

    The data on your SwissPass is guaranteed to be protected at all times. Both RFID chip components on your card serve as a way of checking your entitlement to buy public transport services and also of reading ski passes. No customer information is stored on the chips, simply a technical identification number. Upon inspection, the reader reads the identification number and connects it to services you have bought. Unauthorised parties have no access to your personal data. You can find more information in our brochure.

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