Tickets for travel within Switzerland

Bike ticket for accompanied bikes

Buy a bike ticket and bring your bike along. The bike ticket is valid on BLS, SBB, PostBus and other transport companies.

Please note that the transport capacity for accompanied bikes may be particularly limited during periods of good weather.

Short-distance bike ticket

You can buy a normal ticket at full fare or reduced fare 1/2 for a single journey.

 1-day bike pass

For longer journeys, it is worth buying a 1-day bike pass, which is also available as a multiple 1-day travelpass for six days of your choice.

  GA travelcard/Half-Fare travelcard Full fare
1-day bike pass CHF 13.00 CHF 20.00
Multiple 1-day bike pass CHF 78.00

 Annual bike pass

You can travel with your bike on all routes which allow accompanied bikes for a whole year with the annual bike pass (individual, not transferable).

  GA travelcard/Half-Fare travelcard Full fare
Annual bike pass CHF 240.00 CHF 240.00

 InterCity tilting trains

A reservation (CHF 5.00) is required on InterCity tilting trains from 21 March to 31 October.

You can make this reservation at a BLS Travel Centre or at the SBB Ticket Shop.

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Tickets for travel within Switzerland
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