Before your journey


Travelling comfortably, without having to carry your luggage around

Travelling is fun, but carrying luggage around isn’t. Why not take advantage of the services offered by the Swiss transport companies by travelling comfortably in public transport systems without any luggage.

Luggage service for trains

Luggage service for Switzerland

Bring your luggage to the nearest BLS Travel Centre by 19.00* hours and pick it up two days later from 09.00 hours* at the train station you're travelling to.

* Please check Travel Centre opening hours at your departure and arrival stations.


Door-to-door luggage service

The most comfortable way to travel: your luggage is picked up at your home and delivered to your holiday address. This service is offered not only for suitcases and travel bags but also for sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, toboggans and bicycles. The service is available for postal addresses in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

It's this easy: just place your order with your BLS Travel Centre. After that, everything else is taken care of for you.


Luggage service for Germany

Travelling to Germany? You can ship your luggage from a BLS Travel Centre for delivery at your address in Germany in four working days.

Luggage cannot be shipped to train stations or airports.

Luggage service for planes

You can conveniently check in luggage for flights with Swiss originating in Zurich and Geneva on the day before your flight.

When you check in your luggage, you'll also be issued your boarding pass, which means you won't have to queue the next day.

Luggage can be checked in at BLS Travel Centres in the following train stations:

Public transport connections from your stop

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