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EWI A – standard carriage I

This passenger carriage delivers a true rail journey experience when used in combination with the nostalgic Ae 6/8 electric locomotive, or the Ae 4/4.

The EW I passenger carriages were put into service between 1959 and 1977 and are not air-conditioned. Each carriage has 48 first-class seats and up to four carriages can be linked to seat a maximum of 192 passengers.

  • 48 per carriage Number of seats 192
  • suitable for serving refreshments Special catering train

Rail vehicle details Technical data, features

General information EWI passenger carriage

Technical data

  • 23.7 m Length
  • 48 t Weight
  • 140 km/h Maximum speed

All standard carriage series have the following features:

  • Two bogies, each with two axles (total of four axles)
  • Entry at the bogies, WC and platform at the end of the carriage, large passenger compartment between the entrances
  • Open coach
  • Vis-à-vis seating arrangement with a centre aisle
  • Separate smoking and non-smoking carriages on delivery (originally 50%-50%) Smoking was banned on all trains in December 2005, which led to the removal of the swing doors between the carriages.
  • Lightweight design (up until the EW III)


  • 48 Seats (first class)
  • Folding seats
  • Wheelchair spaces
  • Bicycle spaces


  • No Low-floor entrance
  • No Air conditioning
  • No Heating
  • Yes Passenger information on the train Train route display boards
  • No Passenger information in the train
  • 2 WC not wheelchair-accessible
  • No Baby changing facilities in WC
  • No Video surveillance
  • No Power sockets for electronic devices
  • Carpet Flooring
  • Yes Rubbish bin at seats
  • No Newspaper collection box

History historic rail vehicle

The standard carriages replaced the last of the wooden carriages and the heavy steel carriages, and for a long time they were used together with light steel carriages. After the introduction of clock-face schedules in 1982, combinations of the same type of carriages only were increasingly used.

A total of four series of standard carriages were produced.

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We organise and drive the train while you celebrate and have fun

Whether it’s for 20 or as many as 2,000 guests, we can offer you modern and nostalgic trains, or even just a single carriage.

We take care of the catering and ambience, arrange live music or magician performances and even organise a festive reception at the train station at your destination if you'd like.

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