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MIKA: The train of the future

The production of the new BLS fleet is going full steam ahead – by late 2025, 58 new trains will be running on the planned RE and S-Bahn lines.

Up to five vehicles are currently in the test phase, with the new trains being subjected to the most rigorous testing for a year-long period before carrying any of our passengers. From June 2021, the trains will finally go into commercial operation. The new MIKA’s first journeys will be on the route between Bern and La Chaux-de-Fonds.

BLS has ordered 58 single-storey unit trains of around 105 metres in length. These will be the latest generation of FLIRT vehicles, which are also designed and manufactured by the Swiss company Stadler Rail. The new MIKA generation will replace the 43 oldest BLS commuter trains and allows the company to expand its timetable. Existing capacity constraints on the Lötschberg mountain line, in the Simmental and on S-Bahn line S2 in Bern will be eliminated. The new trains will feature 242 (RE)/240 (S-Bahn) comfortable seats and practical multi-functional and standing zones.

The new MIKA generation will complement the two fleet families of the MUTZ and NINA/Lötschberger: in future, this triad of trains will bring you to your destination with even greater comfort, reliability and peace of mind.

Putting into service

By the end of 2025, all 58 trains will have been delivered and be running on the following lines:


  • IR Bern–Neuchâtel–La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • RE Bern–Spiez (and on to Zweisimmen or Brig/Domodossola)
  • Future RE Bern–Burgdorf–Konolfingen–Thun


  • Various lines on the Bern S-Bahn such as S2, S4, S5 and S6

Train details

These new trains will not only offer more space, but also impress in terms of convenience, punctuality, cleanliness, safety and passenger information. BLS is ordering the trains in two different configurations, so that they can be used both on the tourist-based RegioExpress lines and on the S-Bahn lines.


  • Low-floor entrances with bridge plates
  • Large panoramic Window
  • Passenger compartments for groups
  • Self-service catering zones in 2nd class (RE)
  • One power socket per seat


  • Plenty of space at the entrances
  • 160 km/h top speed
  • Fast acceleration
  • Symmetrical, streamlined Vehicle


  • Dirt traps at all entrances
  • Bins in every compartment
  • Newspaper collection box at each exit
  • Easy-to-clean materials


  • Video surveillance
  • Fire alarm and fire-fighting system
  • SOS buttons
  • Acoustic and visual alerts before doors close


  • Real-time passenger information in and on the train
  • Network maps at all entrances
  • Infotainment (news, weather, events, adverts)

Uniform fleet

These three train models will be replaced by the new ones:

  • 9 EW III commuter trains
  • 21 RBDe 565 commuter trains
  • 13 RBDe 566II commuter trains

MIKA: The train of the future
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