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BLS’s new Employer section

Loads of work and a lot of passion went into the creation of BLS’s Employer section. Heaps of motivated people had the shared vision of painting a true picture of BLS as an employer. BLS at your fingertips so to speak.

On 1 April 2016, the inaugural meeting entitled «employer positioning» took place. We really picked up the pace there and soon got down to work: we drew up new job advertisements which enable applicants to see at a glance everything they can achieve in the job in question. And the tremendous atmosphere during the photo shoot in Köniz, where employees from different divisions met each other and stood in front of the camera, is simply unforgettable. We also tried new things and, for example, teasers written with a bit of tongue in cheek. After all, recruitment advertisements are also allowed to be fun.

As BLS is such a pragmatic employer, we simply asked our colleagues why they enjoy working for BLS and used their responses as a basis for formulating our employer commitment. We fed the advantages collected in this way into our benefit finder and added them to the Careers section of our website. Plus, we were able to convince five employees to sign up to be ambassadors for our brand. It is the ultimate solution for giving applicants a true picture of BLS.

Speaking of the Careers section of our website: as if the tremendous amount of positive feedback received from applicants weren’t reward enough, in November 2017 we also received the HR Excellence Award for «the best careers site». What an honour. We are delighted!

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