Why everyone loves the steamboat

Lionel, age 10, fan of the “Blümlisalp”:

“I love celebrating my birthday on board the steamship because birthday boys and girls are allowed to stand in the wheelhouse. My mum also enjoys taking a look down into the engine room, where the pistons work away. And my little sister loves playing in the games cabin. My dad prefers riding aboard the ‘Lötschberg’, because he likes Lake Brienz.”

The two steamboats Blümlisalp and Lötschberg will again operate daily on the two lakes from June 5. The on-board catering will be open again from the same date.

Please inform yourself about the operation of the steamships before your journey. 

Steamboat Timetable Lake Thun DS «Blümlisalp»

Daily, from 5 June until further notice

Cruise 15

 Thun dp  12.40 
 Hünibach dp  12.51
 Hilterfingen dp  12.57
 Oberhofen dp  13.03
 Gunten dp  13.16
 Spiez dp  13.28
 Faulensee dp  13.40
 Merligen dp  13.55
 Beatenbucht dp  14.02
 Beatushöhlen dp  14.17
 Interlaken West ar  14.49

Cruise 16

 Interlaken West dp  15.10 
 Beatushöhlen dp  15.43
 Beatenbucht dp  15.58
 Merligen dp  16.05
 Faulensee dp  16.20
 Spiez dp  16.34
 Gunten dp  16.44
 Oberhofen dp  16.57
 Hilterfingen dp  17.03
 Hünibach dp  17.09
 Thun ar  17.20

(subject to change)

Tuesday–Saturday, 06.07.–18.09.2021

Cruise 125

 Thun dp  18.40 
 Hünibach dp  18.51
 Hilterfingen dp  18.57
 Oberhofen dp  19.03
 Gunten dp  19.16
 Spiez dp  19.28
 Faulensee dp  19.40
 Merligen dp  19.56
 Beatenbucht ar  20.02


Cruise 126

 Beatenbucht dp  20.03
 Faulensee dp  20.20
 Spiez dp  20.34
 Gunten dp  20.44
 Oberhofen dp  20.57
 Hilterfingen dp  21.03
 Hünibach dp  21.09
 Thun ar  21.20

(subject to change)

Steamboat Timetable Lake Brienz «DS Lötschberg»

Daily, 03.07.–29.08.2021

Cruise 63/69

 Interlaken Ost dp  11.07   14.07 
 Bönigen dp  11.25  14.25
 Ringgenberg dp  11.33  14.33
 Iseltwald dp  11.52  14.52
 Giessbach dp  12.09  15.09
 Brienz ar  12.20  15.20


Cruise 64/70

 Brienz dp  12.40   15.40
 Giessbach dp  12.51  15.51 
 Iseltwald dp  13.08  16.08
 Ringgenberg dp  13.28  16.28
 Bönigen dp  13.35  16.35
 Interlaken Ost ar  13.53  16.53

Saturday, 03.07.–28.08.2021

Cruise 79

 Interlaken Ost dp  19.07
 Bönigen dp  19.25
 Ringgenberg dp  19.33
 Iseltwald dp  19.52 
 Giessbach dp  20.09
 Brienz ar  20.20


Cruise 80

 Brienz dp  20.40
 Giessbach dp  20.51
 Iseltwald dp  21.08
 Ringgenberg dp  21.28 
 Bönigen dp  21.35
 Interlaken Ost ar  21.53 


subject to change 

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This venerable lady is a nostalgic double-deck saloon steamer from the Belle Époque, with modern technology, a cosy atmosphere and great comfort.

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