Excursion destinations

Excursion tips around Lakes Thun and Brienz

Discover great excursion destinations on lakes Thun and Brienz with our crew

The region around Lakes Thun and Brienz has many treasures to be discovered at any time of the year. Find your favourite route or place among the following excursion ideas.

Excursion tips from the boat crew

Skipper Beat recommends a visit to Hünegg Castle at Hilterfingen:

“The castle’s furnishings have remained unchanged since 1900, giving you the impression that the owner might return at any minute. The castle park and its venerable trees are also impressive.” He regularly recommends the beautiful shoreline path from Faulensee to Spiez to his passengers. The captain also enjoys the morning cruises on board his boat. “You can’t put a price on the great atmosphere on the lake in the mornings.”

Noëlle, boat hand and long-time cook on Lake Brienz, waxes lyrical:

“My favourite route is the cruise from Iseltwald to Giessbach. The lake glows in a special shade of turquoise there. Of the three walking trails that run from Iseltwald to Giessbach, I like the lowest shoreline trail the most, as it provides the most impressive views of the rugged surrounding mountains. My favourite place? My boat.”

Excursion destinations

Here you will find additional excursions that can provide unforgettable experiences around lakes Thun and Brienz. Find your own favourite route or place from among the following excursion suggestions.

Lake Thun Suggestions


A cultural gem by the lake: the fairy-tale castle on the hill and the medieval churches and museums draw culture aficionados to Thun. After visiting these sights, you can enjoy a stroll along the canal, whose banks are lined with flowers and which offers views of the castle and Schadau Park.


Five castles, each with its own unique personality, connected by one of the most beautiful lakes of Switzerland, and all accessible in less than one hour. There is nowhere else like it in the world.

Faulensee−Spiez Beach Path

Discover hidden gems along this path. Tree tunnels, great playgrounds, sculptures and a fish farm – no wonder this shoreline path is one of the most popular on Lake Thun. Astonishingly few tourists are aware of it. When the weather is warm enough, you should definitely take a dip in the water at the beautiful Spiez lakeside lido.

Spiez Bay

But still diving for pearls? Here you can find ideas in the depths: the ball at the beautiful mini golf course is sunk, the paddle is submerged in the water while canoeing and the The Spiez Fun Train dives into the bay to board pirate ships.


A place where water droplets are transformed into the magic of a dripstone cave. Kids, who will find the dragon that might be hiding in the caverns and abysses of the 1-km-long St. Beatus Caves?

Stockhorn, Niesen or Niederhorn?

The perhaps still snow-covered mountains are calling and conjure up gems upon their lofty heights: Mount Stockhorn attracts visitors with its adventure trails; there is fun to be had on scooters on Mount Niederhorn; and Mount Niesen – the Swiss Pyramid – offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

Walking trails around Lake Thun

Anyone unsatisfied with scattered individual gems can collect a whole bagful of excursion gems along the panoramic circular trail. After a tour of the boatyard in the marina, the path continues along the shore of the beautiful Lake Thun ‘Riviera’, past the castles at Hünegg and Oberhofen. The latter beguiles visitors with its enchanting park. The suspension bridge at Sigriswil is an essential stopping-off point for the adventurous. The pilgrims’ trail leads walkers over rolling hills to Interlaken. Once back on the other side of the lake, another suspension bridge at Leissigen takes walkers over the Spissibach brook while suspended 60 metres in the air.

Lake Brienz Suggestions


A gem of a city: from here, the view of Mount Jungfrau is simply awe-inspiring. Why not get into the holiday rhythm with a ride in a horse-drawn carriage from the Bahnhof West to Bahnhof Ost railway stations, admiring the mountain views along the way. Another great idea: afternoon tea at the Grandhotel Viktoria Jungfrau. An insider tip: walk along the shoreline trail from Interlaken to the lido at Bönigen.

From Iseltwald to Giessbach

Another gem awaits you. There is pure magic in the air when the fog still floats gently above the turquoise-coloured water of the lake. The beautiful walking trails at various altitudes calm the spirit in the early season, when the yearning for the mountains is already great but the snow still prevents one from walking on them. This peaceful walk along the steep bank and the view of the snow-topped mountains all around are unique.

Grandhotel Giessbach

This “Grande Dame of the Belle Epoque” is a gem perched on the cliff above Lake Brienz and near the impressive Giessbach Falls. The ride on one of Europe’s oldest funicular railways catapults visitors up and into the 19th century, while providing them with a slew of gems in the form of 220,000 square metres of wellness, marvels and walking. Not to be missed: the hotel features its own special drinking-water spring that supplies thirsty guests with “Giessbach Mountain Water”.

Rural Brienz and Oberried

Shell seekers can stroll along the promenade in Brienz to the florally decorated Brunngasse or visit the traditional village of Oberried. Anyone in need of a little adrenaline after so much relaxation can brave a speed tour on Lake Brienz with BLS Navigation and Jetboat.

Steamboat and Brienz-Rothorn Railway

Two gems of the steam age in one go: first comes the ride to Brienz aboard a steamboat, then a trip on the historic, steam-powered cogwheel railway up to Mount Brienzer Rothorn. This mountain gem is for visitors possessed with patience, as the railway only operates from June.

Swiss Open-Air Museum Ballenberg

A gem of an open-air museum. A path from Brienz takes you to the Ballenberg Museum, where playgrounds, animals and 100 historic buildings await visitors. Wood workshops allow visitors to get involved and test their skills while experiencing and understanding what life was like in bygone eras.

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