Food and drink

Dining on board

Enjoy culinary delights prepared by our on-board chefs

What better accompaniment could there be to a relaxing and atmospheric cruise in a stunning natural setting than a delicious snack or meal? Our expert on-board chefs offer you delicacies that will delight you.

Dining options on the Lake Thun

Service 9

Service 9

Dep. Thun 09.40 hours
Arr. Interlaken West 11.49 hours

Service 10 Light meal menu

Service 10

Dep. Interlaken West 12.10 hours
Dep. Spiez 13.34 hours
Arr. Thun 14.20 hours

Services 13 / 14 Full menu

Service 13

Dep. Thun 11.40 hours
Dep. Spiez 12.28 hours
Arr. Interlaken West  13.49 hours

Service 14

Dep. Interlaken West 14.10 hours
Dep. Spiez 15.34 hours
Arr. Thun 16.20 hours

Services 15 / 16 Light meal menu

(Saturday, sunday and general public holidays)

Service 15

Dep. Thun 12.40 hours
Dep. Spiez 13.28 hours
Arr. Interlaken West  14.49 hours

Service 16

Dep. Interlaken West 15.10 hours
Dep. Spiez 16.34 hours
Arr. Thun 17.20 hours

Services 111 / 112

(Saturday, sunday and general public holidays)

Service 111

Dep. Thun                       10.40 hours
Arr. Spiez                      11.26 hours

Service 112

Dep. Beatenbucht           11.34 hours
Arr. Spiez                       12.20 hours

Services 119 / 120 Snack menu

Service 119

Dep. Thun                        14.40 hours
Arr. Beatenbucht 16.13 hours 

Service 120

Dep. Beatenbucht 16.17 hours
Arr. Thun 17.50 hours

Dining options on the Lake Brienz

Services 59 / 60

Service 59

Dep. Interlaken Ost 09.07 hours
Dep. Iseltwald 09.51 hours
Arr. Brienz 10.20 hours

Service 60

Dep. Brienz 10.40 hours       
Dep. Iseltwald 11.10 hours
Arr. Interlaken Ost 11.53 hours

Services 63 / 64

Service 63

Dep. Interlaken Ost 11.07 hours
Dep. Iseltwald 11.51 hours
Arr. Brienz 12.20 hours

Service 64

Dep. Brienz 12.40 hours       
Dep. Iseltwald 13.10 hours
Arr. Interlaken Ost 13.53 hours

Services 65 / 66

Service 65

Dep. Interlaken Ost 12.07 hours
Dep. Iseltwald 12.44 hours
Arr. Brienz 13.20 hours

Service 66

Dep. Brienz 13.40 hours
Dep. Iseltwald 14.17 hours
Arr. Interlaken Ost 14.53 hours

Services 69 / 70

Service 69

Dep. Interlaken Ost 14.07 hours
Dep. Iseltwald 14.44 hours
Arr. Brienz 15.20 hours

Service 70

Dep. Brienz 15.40 hours
Dep. Iseltwald 16.17 hours
Arr. Interlaken Ost 16.53 hours

Pier One The bistro right on the lake shore

Simply sit down, relax and let your cares drift away.

Our “Pier One” bistro is located right on the lake shore at the Interlaken West boat landing stage. It’s the ideal meeting place. So whether you’re starting your day with a great cup of coffee, simply stopping by for a refreshing ice cream, or enjoying an after-work drink with friends, the welcoming atmosphere at Pier One will make everyone feel welcome.

Opening times:

10 May to 14 October 2018
Daily from 10.00–19.00 hours

Subject to change without prior notice

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    Inside Schiff Faton Dodaj
    «Einmal Schiff, immer Schiff»

    Der 34-jährige Faton Dodaj arbeitet als Service-Leiter auf dem Dampfschiff Blümlisalp. Das kann stressig sein. Aber auch ziemlich schön: «Ich schätze die Ferienatmosphäre – und die Sonnenuntergänge auf den Abendfahrten.»

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