Relief trains for the Lötschberger RE service

Timetable for the Bern–Kandersteg–Brig line

In order to offer our passengers sufficient seating at weekends, we operate relief trains in addition to the regular RegioExpress trains on selected Saturdays and Sundays.

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Bern > Brig (Train 1) – Sun, 04.07.–08.08.2020

Bern Dep. 08.30 hours
Thun Arr. 08.49 hours
Thun Dep. 08.50 hours
Arr. 08.59 hours
Spiez Dep. 09.00 hours
Mülenen* Arr./Dep. 09.05 hours
Reichenbach i.K.
Arr./Dep. 09.07 hours
Frutigen Arr. 09.13 hours
Frutigen Dep.
09.15 hours
Arr. 09.30 hours
Dep. 09.32 hours
Goppenstein Arr. 09.47 hours
Goppenstein Dep. 09.48 hours
Hohtenn Arr. 09.53 hours
Ausserberg Dep. 09.59 hours
Eggerberg Arr. 10.02 hours
Brig Dep. 10.18 hours

Brig > Thun / Münsingen (Train 2) – Sun, 04.07.–08.08.2020

Brig Dep. 15.03 hours
Dep. 15.11 hours
Ausserberg Dep.
15.14 hours
Hohtenn Dep. 15.21 hours
Goppenstein Arr. 15.28 hours
Goppenstein*** Dep. 15.29 hours
Arr. 15.43 hours
Dep. 15.45 hours
Frutigen Arr. 16.01 hours
Frutigen** Dep. 16.03 hours
Reichenbach i.K.
Dep. 16.06 hours
Mülenen* Dep. 16.08 hours
Spiez Arr. 16.15 hours
Spiez Dep. 16.16 hours
Thun Arr. 16.24 hours
Thun Dep. 16.25 hours
Münsingen▴ Arr. 16.36 hours
Bern Arr. 17.06 hours

Kandersteg > Thun (Train 3) – Sat/Sun, 04.07.–25.10.2020

Kandersteg Dep. 16.45 hours
Frutigen Arr. 17.01 hours
Frutigen Dep. 17.03 hours
Reichenbach i.K.
Dep. 17.06 hours
Mülenen* Dep. 17.08 hours
Spiez Arr. 17.15 hours
Spiez Dep. 17.16 hours
Thun Arr. 17.24 hours
Thun Dep. 17.25 hours
Münsingen▴ Arr. 17.36 hours
bern Arr. 18.06 hours

▴ Only stops to leave the train

* Stops on request

** Connection for additional bus service at 15.25 hours from Adelboden to Frutigen as well as in the opposite direction from 16.03 hours

*** Connection for additional bus service at 15.07 hours from Wiler (Lötschen), Talstation (Valley Station) to Goppenstein, Bahnhof (Railway Station)


Rolling stock in use

The relief trains 1 and 3 are equipped with two low-floor entrances and wheelchair spaces and are partially air-conditioned (rolling stock type: jumbo trains). The relief train 3 has no low-floor entrances.

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