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Relief trains for the Lötschberger RE service

Timetable Berne–Goppenstein line

In good weather, relief trains operate for the RegioExpress Lötschberger on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 June to 28 October 2018. They also operate on the following public holidays: Good Friday, 30 March 2018, Easter Monday, 2 April 2018 and Wednesday 1 August 2018. Here, from Thursday lunchtime each week, you can find out whether or not the relief trains for the coming weekend will be running.

The relief trains are running as scheduled.

Berne > Goppenstein

Train 1

Berne Dep. 08.30 hours
Thun Arr. 08.49 hours
Thun Dep. 08.50 hours
Arr. 08.59 hours
Spiez Dep. 09.00 hours
Mülenen* Arr./Dep. 09.05 hours
Reichenbach i.K.
Arr./Dep. 09.07 hours
Frutigen Arr. 09.13 hours
Frutigen Dep.
09.15 hours
Arr. 09.30 hours
Dep. 09.32 hours
Goppenstein Arr. 09.44 hours

Goppenstein / Frutigen > Thun / Münsingen

Train 1

Goppenstein Dep. 14.54 hours
Arr. 15.07 hours
Dep. 15.08 hours
Frutigen Arr. 15.24 hours
Frutigen Dep. 15.26 hours
Reichenbach i.K.
Dep. 15.30 hours
Mülenen* Dep. 15.32 hours
Spiez Arr. 15.39 hours
Spiez Dep. 15.40 hours
Thun Arr. 15.49 hours

Train 2

Frutigen Dep. 16.26 hours
Reichenbach i.K.
Dep. 16.30 hours
Mülenen* Dep. 16.32 hours
Spiez Arr. 16.39 hours
Spiez Dep. 16.40 hours
Thun Arr. 16.49 hours

Train 3

Frutigen Dep. 17.26 hours
Reichenbach i.K.
Dep. 17.30 hours
Dep. 17.32 hours
Spiez Arr. 17.39 hours
Spiez Dep. 17.40 hours
Thun Arr. 17.49 hours
Thun Dep. 17.52 hours
Münsingen Arr. 18.04 hours

* Stops on request

Rolling stock in use

The relief trains are equipped with two low-floor entrances and wheelchair spaces and are partially air-conditioned (rolling stock type: jumbo trains).

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