BLS AG - Executive Board

Bernard Guillelmon

Bernard Guillelmon, 1966, CH

since 01.07.2008

Dirk Stahl

Dirk Stahl, 1966, D
Dr. rer. pol.

Vice CEO/CEO, BLS Cargo AG
Deputy CEO BLS AG since 01.06.2010
Member since 12.05.2006 (* since 2000)

Andreas Willich

Andreas Willich, 1972, CH
MSc (Oxon)

Head, Passenger Transport
Member since 01.05.2011

Daniel Wyder

Daniel Wyder, 1972 CH
Civil Engineer ETH/NDS
Business Engineer FH

Head, Infrastructure
Member since 01.02.2010

Peter Fankhauser

Peter Fankhauser, 1970, CH
Certified Real Estate Manager VWA/DIA
Diploma in business studies KFSS

Head, Railway-Production
Member since 01.01.2011

Reto Baumgartner

Reto Baumgartner, 1966, CH
Business Economist HF,

Head, Finance
Member since 01.06.2010

Franziska Jermann-Aebi

Franziska Jermann-Aebi, 1961, CH
Human Resources Manager FH/NDS

Head, Human Resources
Member since 01.06.2010

Daniel Leuenberger

Daniel Leuenberger, 1964, CH
Civil Engineer HTL/NDS

Head, Information Officer
Member since 09.11.2009

Michael Pohle

Michael Pohle, 1966, D
Dipl. Ing. Elektrotechnik, eMBA HSG

Head, Corporate Gouvernance
Member since 01.11.2012

* Function or Executive Board Member of the former BLS Lötschbergbahn AG


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