BLS Schifffahrt Berner Oberland – Special offers

Special offers and money-saving tips

Why don’t you treat yourself to another day on Lake Thun or Brienz and profit from one of our special offers and money-saving tips?

First class to Lake Thun and Lake Brienz

First class to Lake Thun and Lake Brienz

Pay for 2nd class but travel 1st class

Boat trips on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz offer you a first-class experience of the countryside that is recuperative.


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All year

on Lake Thun

Monday special

Every Monday you can travel on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz for a special price. You pay the following when purchasing a 1-day ticket:

2nd class CHF 39.00 (instead of CHF 68.00)
1st class CHF 59.00 (instead of CHF 99.00)
2nd class with half-fare card CHF 34.00
1st class with half-fare card CHF 49.50

This does not apply to special cruises.

All year

Kinder lieben Schiff fahren..

Children's one-day travel pass - Lakes Thun and Brienz

Children aged 6 to 15.99 years can take advantage of a special one-day travel pass if accompanied by an adult.

2nd class CHF 15.00
1st class CHF 24.00

The section between Interlaken West and Interlaken East is included in the price.
A maximum of 4 children can travel with each adult.

All year

kids welcome

Children travel free on Saturdays

If you're under 16 and would like to travel around on Lakes Thun and Brienz for a whole day free of charge, you can do so on Saturdays.
Bring an ID and an adult companion, and off you go – on all regular routes but not on special cruises.

All year

DS Blümlisalp near Oberhofen

Free of charge on your birthday

On your birthday you are cordially welcome on Lakes Thun and Brienz, where you can travel free of charge in the 1st class on almost all BLS boats all day long – all you have to do is present your ID card or driving licence.
The only exceptions are special and evening cruises



Combined tickets

DS Blümlisalp

Our combined tickets to the most popular destinations around the Bernese Oberland lakes, enable you a wonderful day trip at a reduced price.

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Excursions tips

Excursions tips

There is a wide variety of possibilities for excursions around the two lakes by boat, and they will transform your day into an unforgettable experience.We have selected the most beautiful routes for you:

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Please note!

Please note that our special day tickets are only valid on our boats but not on the rail and bus lines along the lakes. In the case of all special offers, no further reductions are made.