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The Kambly Train

To mark the occasion of its 100th anniversary in 2010, the biscuit manufacturer Kambly collaborated with BLS to design an advertising train with a biscuit motif. The Kambly train runs from Tuesday to Sunday as a RegioExpress on the Berne–Trubschachen (Kambly production site)–Lucerne route.

Timetable from Tuesday to Sunday (13.12.2015-10.12.2016)

Bern dp 08.36 12.36 16.36 Luzern dp 10.57 14.57
Trubschachen ar 09.12 13.12 17.12 Trubschachen ar 11.45 15.45
Luzern ar 10.03 14.03 18.03 Bern ar 12.26 16.26


The train is pulled along by Re 465 004-0 which has been christened Trubschachen, the name of Kambly's production site. The train consists of the above-mentioned locomotive as well as six EW III carriages. » more...

The whole train weighs 240 tonnes, is 166.6 metres long and travels at speeds of up to 140 km/h. 900m² of foil, 120 hours of printing and 500 hours of adhesion work were required to cover it with advertising. The tables inside the train are decorated with Kambly biscuits and slogans. 

Further technical specifications of the six-carriage train (Re 465 with AD, A, B, B, B, Bt) are available here:

» Re 465
» Intermediate carriages AD
» Intermediate carriages A
» Intermediate carriages B
» Control trailer Bt


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